We have prepared some questions we have been asked in the past, however you may have a question we have not covered. Please feel free to contact our customer services team who will assist you. They can be contacted by email pickersgilldrake@btconnect.com or by phone 0113 2441521

How do I send you my artwork?

You can email (pickersgilldrake@btconnect.com) or post (Pickersgill Drake Ltd, Unit 26 Barkston House Croydon Street, Leeds, LS11 9RT.) If you are ordering online, there is an artwork upload area while you are Completing your order. Our preferred formats are vector les and high resolution JPG,PNG,PDF, TIFF, CDR, Illustrator EPS, PSD with all text converted to outlines. 300dpi is ideal for non vector les, but please try to keep e-mailed or uploaded artwork les under 3mb.

Help! I don't understand the technical side of artwork?

Don’t worry, give us a call on 0113 2441521. Our team will help you.

Not sure if my artwork is copyrighted or trademarked?

If you are unsure, lets think of another idea for your design.

Not sure if my artwork is good enough for you to use?

Email us what you have, we’ll have a look we can design or redraw your artwork. A cost maybe involved for one of our team to design or redraw your artwork. We tend to charge £25.00 per hour in 1/2 hour instalments. If its something we can do quickly well hey we’ll do it FOC for you.

What is embroidery?

Embroidery is the stitching of a garment using thread. Today’s modern machines run at 1000 stitches a minute and hold up to 15 colours. Embroidery tends to look best on badge size logos in multiple colours. Embroidery tends to more acceptable withstand harsh and continued washing. The down side is the cost. Large images can be expensive and on high volume runs the minimum cost is at a lower volume.

Can you embroider individual names or numbers ?

Yes we can! So if you have a sports team you know who garment is who’s.

Which garments would you recommend for embroidery?

Most of everything we supply will embroider. On the online ordering we have the products which can be Embroidered.

Not sure if embroidery or screen print would be best?

Don’t worry, give us a call on 0113 2441521. Our team will help you.

What is screen printing?

Screen printing is a process of using screens with a print stencil to produce a logo. A clear lm is made of the print image. The lm with the print image is then exposed onto a mesh screen. This image now exposed by UV light onto the mesh screen. Where the image is exposed onto the screen is now mesh which will let the ink pass through it. The prepared screen is now ready to put on a screen printing machine. On the print machine the ink is drawn over the screen by a squeegee the ne holes in the mesh created by the exposure, allow ink to go through onto the garment to form the desired print. Higher volumes of work can be processed this way and be more economical than embroidery or vinyl print.

What is vinyl print?

One of our team prepares the image/name/number. An automated cutter will cut round the vinyl to the desired shape or text as set by a computer design or template. Once cut, the excess unwanted vinyl is removed using a weedier. Each individual printed image/name/number is then positioned on the garment under a heat press. The image/name/number is then applied to the garment.

Do your prices include vat and delivery costs?

Yes vat and delivery costs are included apart from non UK delivery addresses. (Additonal costs are payable to the highlands of Scotland, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Scilly Isles and Northern Ireland.)

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