Every Pickersgill Drake Ltd order is custom made to your specifications resale of any products processed is not possible we cannot offer any returns unless the following processes are followed:

  1. The product does not match the order fully
  2. The product/products are faulty. We will only accept proof of any issue with a photograph emailed to our customer services with a description of the issue outlining your order number. Pickersgill Drake Ltd will take a assessment and decide whether the return is valid. Each return will be fully investigated by our customer services team. We may offer a re-print, return your monies or offer a alternative product.We will then only offer a return when all the products have been returned by yourselves.
  3. Failure to inform Pickersgill Drake Ltd of any problems within 24 hours of receiving your order will mean your order is deemed to be fully acceptable and fit for its purpose and the goods have been accepted and fully checked.


If you wish to cancel your order you can do this anytime up until you have approved your order by return email from supplied visuals and product details from our production team. Once you have approved your order, your order will be placed into production. If you cancel your order after this point. Pickersgill Drake Ltd have the right to whether to accept your cancellation. If part or all of your order has been printed or goods have be ordered by ourselves prior to processing we have the right to deduct any costs involved returning plain products or to cover the costs of any processed items. Pickersgill Drake Ltd has the full right to accept or decline your cancellation. We do not have to give you a reason.